First run in over a week and a rice recipe!

26 Jun

This infection has really took a toll on me! Not only was I not able to run, but I also was no able to eat more than one solid meal a day! That all changed yesterday though.

Incline of zero….you know it! Hey but it is what works when you are VERY tired and have a tough time running. I was glad to hit 1 mile and be done. When you feel this bad, 1 mile is a huge milestone and it was nice to be back at it!

On the eating side of things I was so happy to have one of my favorite breakfasts/snacks.

Blood Orange Chobani + Maple Granola+


Lunch was a turkey sandwich with lettuce and dijionaise, I didn’t think I needed a picture of this since, you all know what that looks like!

Finally dinner was GLORIOUS! We had no starchy side dish except minute rice, so I made my own flavored rice and it turned out to be less calories and a better taste then the store bought flavored rice!

Pre-marinated Southwest Chicken Breasts, thank you price chopper for selling them that way and the Foreman Grill for cooking them to perfection. French Green Beans on the side and of course the rice.

Alex’s Cheesy Rice Goodness

1 bag minute rice boil in a bag

1 cup shredded cheese

enough milk to make it creamy

some sort of flavored seasoning i.e. Mrs. Dash or Land o’ Lakes.

I used Land o’ Lakes Sour Cream and Onion, less than a teaspoon.


Cook rice to package instructions, drain open bag and pour back into pan, add milk, cheese and seasoning. Stir everything together until well mixed then serve hot, easy and super tasty!!!!

I used low fat milk and NO BUTTER so it was a lot less calories than those packages, less sodium as well!


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