The Day nothing interest happened….UNTIL….

27 Jun

Today was downright normal, I seriously have nothing to post. Sure I have a whole bunch of food pictures up my sleeve. However with my illness still knocking around and taking the wind out of my sails I have nothing good to report. That is until I saw this on Facebook!

Apparently the reason today was so boring is because today is the day that Marty Mcfly traveled back to the future! AWESOME! That means the developers of the Hoverboard and flying cars and that tiny pizza that cooks to a full size pizza are getting on those things as we speak right?!?!?! Excuse me if most of my references are from the second movie, but it truly truly was my favorite. Plus I was born in 1985 so……in fact the day in 1985 they started on was two days after I came home from the hospital!

I was so excited to see this…and then I found this on another website….

It’s true that today is neither the day Doc, Marty, Jennifer and Einstein traveled to the future (that was Oct. 21, 2015) nor the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future’s release in theaters — that was July 3, 1985. What today represents is the 25th anniversary of the day — Oct. 25, 1985 — that Doc Brown asks Marty McFly to meet him at 1:15 A.M. the next morning at the Twin Pines Mall. At this meeting, Doc reveals the time-traveling DeLorean to Marty and his intentions to use it to travel 25 years into the future. That would have happened early tomorrow morning, on Oct. 26, a little after 1:22 A.M. If, that is, Doc had not been rudely interrupted by terrorists and gunned down. Brown never even gets a chance to enter the date, which is why Marty winds up in 1955.

But you know what its okay that it wasn’t the date and that we still have three years, that just means those people better actually be making thoe SWEET SWEET inventions for us all to enjoy in three years time! Plus whoever hoaxed the date to today on the photo, props to you as well, because you have reminded me of my great love of this movie series, all three in fact. Yes I do love the Wild West third one as well!

Also in case you missed it that TRULY TRULY reference was to my favorite cartoon of the 80’s-90’s Jem!
I was her for Halloween one year, Harry was Huey from Duck Tales, double points to you if you remember either of these! I have a picture in which I look more like street walker barbie, but props to Grandma Fran for making mine and Harrys Costumes, I will have to find the picture to upload it because I know you are all dying to see it!


Jem and the Holograms (thats her band) are all now on Netflix being just as outrageous as ever! Check it out.

SO tomorrow I will go back to boring you with flashes of food and tidbits from my half marathon training. But today we party like its 1985 and hope that in 2015 all our Back to The Future Dreams Come True…..Come on Christopher Lloyd I am looking at you!!!!!


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