4 years of awesomeness and a slimmed down Chili’s Style Salad!

1 Jul

Today is July 1st, happy July everyone. That also means it is Dan and my anniversary (dating not married). Four great years together and they get better an better every year! So how did we celebrate?!?!

We had a two day celebration of greatness!!!

Last night we went to Carrabas for dinner and had a great dinner!

First drinks, I had peach sangria, Dan a vodka cranberry.

All the pictures are pretty dark, as was the ambiance of the restaurant, but I didnt want to use the flash and ruin everyones time.

We both had Minestrone soup to start and of course this bread….

Any bread with dipping oil and herbs is wonderous!!

For dinner I had Chicken Cannelloni, spinach, chicken and cheese with marinara and cheese. YUMMY! Dan had chicken parm, pasta and lasagna, they had a combo plate.

There were two Cannelloni’s and I only ate one so it was wrapped up.

Someone wanted the pasta for themselves…..DAN!

Then it was time for the movies with our friends John and Nikki!

It was so funny, I suggest you see it! If you like family guy like us or even if you don’t this movie has a reference you will find hilarious!

This morning Dan had to work, so I just relaxed. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. However the amount of sleep I have needed is insane! But back to today and tonight’s great dinner!

We had a bunch of corn from an event at work yesterday so we grilled it and it came out perfect.

We also ate Southwest Chicken Breasts Grilled as well.

So I made these great salads.

I always get salads at Chili’s, or I used to there are just TOO MANY CALORIES!

Romaine lettuce, green peppers, mexican cheese, garlic pepper crispy onions and chicken! The sauce is the taco bell sauce we bought of fathers day for our Taco Bar, it was all fabulous! Plus some corn on the cob. Now we will spend the rest of the day watching South Park on Netflix and then True Blood, a nice relaxing end to a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary again Dan, I love you a lot!

Heres a picture from our first halloween together (2008) with my best friend lindsey, Dan as Jesus and me as a witch!

And this is from our wedding….we kind of love each other!

I should be back to training tomorrow with a nice long run, as long as I continue the trend of feeling better!

Have a great Sunday!


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