Dan and Alex vs Case Mountain!

5 Jul

Yesterday was 4th of July, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. Dan and I sure did. Dan broke his mountain bike when he wiped out on a trail last week, and so he couldnt ride Case Mountain like he usually does on Sundays so we hiked!

The trails are beautiful and well manicured.

My hiking partner is PRETTY cute! Plus he was carrying all the heavy stuff…food and water! 🙂

For some reason I thought this rock formation up the hill was really cool!

It was really nice to be out in nature with Dan, doing something active at a relaxed pace! It was around 2 miles up and down, so 4 total!

Then there was this random fire place on the trail, pretty cool!

Then we hit the top….look at this view.

The picture doesnt do it justice, but I am pretty short. Oh well!

Then it was time for the picnic…..we got sandwiches from Rein’s Deli a local restaurant and they were SO GOOD!

Turkey for me and chicken salad for Dan. SO naturally we had to split them. That was my idea in case you weren’t sure!

Some sandwiches, chips, water and a pickle. I was ready for a nap…not a walk back 🙂

But it was fun minus dropping my phone onto a rock 1 second after this picture and my screen cracking. OH WELL!

On the way down I saw this…and while we did not hit this trail, I was so excited to see it!

It was a great time with my hubby doing something fun and active together and something different, sure we have been on hikes before, but we have never had a picnic together! I cant wait to do it again!


2 Responses to “Dan and Alex vs Case Mountain!”

  1. Kim July 6, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    Where is Case Mountain? Today on the radio a man was talking about all the great walking trails in Manchester.

    • Alex K July 7, 2012 at 8:36 am #

      It’s in manchester and is kept up really well!

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