Product Review: Proxi Products!

7 Jul

So as you readers of the blog know I am on Klout and have got a Perk from them already. Last week I received my second Perk and was not at all disappointed! This was what I got from Proxi…. all the products are GREEN and include natural ingredients.

Dishwashing Pods, Toothpaste and Body wash! Plus two dollar off coupons and of course the disclosure….so here that is before we get to the good stuff!

Klout Influencer disclosure

I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Ok now that is all set here we go! I was so excited the day I received the sample  because I had done a lot of cooking the two days before and it was the perfect opportunity to clean dishes with them! Plus I was surprised it was a full size bag of them as a sample!

I would usually never show anyone this but it is for bloggings sake!

Those pods rocked those dishes without the chemicals and were my favorite out of the three samples! The pouches they came in were very thin and natural, and seemed like it took much less water to break them down in your dishwasher than say the cascade ones on the market! I loved them!!!!!

Now onto the Body wash, a great light but refreshing smell of cucumber and green tea. Felt great on and kind of fizzed, I really loved the fact that after you were done and it was washed off I felt really clean without my skin feeling dried out! My other body washes seem like they are built for smell, this one is built to clean and make you smell great as well!

Finally the tooth paste this was a travel size while the other two were full size. That may have been its downfall, it tasted good and has the same fizzing quality as the body wash, so my mouth felt clean. However the mint taste was not very strong I could still taste morning breath when I was done and that was not pleasant! However after a second brushing I was good to go! *Note I did and always do brush my tongue each brushing…if you dont Gross and you should….but know I still love you no matter what :).

So again I am so thankful to Klout and Proxi for the products and I will continue to purchase the pods and body wash for sure!

I am not sure where the product is available and it may only be in the Tri-State area, as the perk was only available to influencers in CT, NY and NJ. If not buy it online….it is worth it for sure and you will love them!


One Response to “Product Review: Proxi Products!”

  1. Barbara July 29, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    I also received this perk from Klout. I agree with everything you said. I like all the products especially the pods for the dishwasher. I’d love to try the other Proxi products, but I haven’t seen them in the stores. Have you found them yet?

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