Busiest Sunday!

8 Jul

Todays workout was so INTENSE, and I did not even go to the gym or run! It was intense because I did a Scentsy event for my job. Unloading and loading your car numerous times, and going up and down hills in 90 plus degree heats is a recipe for sore muscles and a tired girl!

For the 3 of you reading this blog who don’t know this, I work for a Harley-Davidson Dealership Owned by my parents and run by them, myself and my brother, my husband and our general manager Marc (who technically is not related to us, but close enough). Today we held the biggest ride of the year for our dealership. Over 1000 motorcycles come out ever year and it is so amazing! The reason they all come out is the Channel 3 Kids Camp. WFSB or Channel 3 is our local CBS station, they have a summer camp for kids who are less fortunate and the ride raises money to send the kids to camp, and make the camp an all around great experience for kids, who otherwise would not have this experience or the great memories!

Here is a view from the showroom today at work, these pictures are not mine I took them from the WFSB Facebook page. 

I spy right in the middle of this picture the cutest Grandma ever, in the black shirt and my Aunt Kim behind her! Score of a picture!!!!

She and my Aunts came down to have breakfast with and their picture taken with Scot Haney…..if you live in CT you know who that is! If you don’t he is a local weatherman here and is HILARIOUS! My grandmas absolute Favorite! Plus it is nice of the news on air and behind the scenes talent to make an appearance before and during the ride! Great show of support!

Scot is the one all the way on the left! The girls are some of the Trantolo girls, who work for a local lawyer and come to all the dealership events and get info out there on other events, safety info, rides, etc. It was a great event.

I was there from 8am-11:30am, then it was off to Sun Valley a local resort to set up a Scentsy booth. IT WAS SO VERY HOT!  My wax was kind of melting and I was very dizzy and hot….jeans were a bad choice. BUT it was a great workout loading and unloading the car and walking up and down a hill to do so! The event went great I sold a bit, but it was more for the exposure anyway. Many of my current Harley customers got to see what my side job actually is and how great the products are!

If you want you can visit my Scentsy website here and check it out!

What did you do today?!?!?!?!

After I took a nap, not feeling well too much sun and a farmers tan on one arm….SEXY! 

Enjoy your night! 


One Response to “Busiest Sunday!”

  1. cynthis July 9, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    sounds like you ,the camp, and the dealership had a very productive day! Way to go Alex!!

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