Day off Cooking….Skinny Chicken Parm

9 Jul

Today is my day off so that meant getting cooking and cleaning done! I try and take Saturday off as much as possible, but this weekend we are having a dunk tank at work and I have to take a turn in it, so no go this weekend!

Today’s dinner is a skinny chicken parm! It is Dan’s favorite meal ever, but so high in calories, and I also really didnt feel like frying chicken so here we go.

First I took 4 frozen chicken breast and baked them at 375* for 50 minutes. Next I cut them into bite size pieces and cut up 1 green pepper, would have loved two in there, but I had one so I made due!

 Next cook up some pasta…

This pasta traveled home with us from Mexico

I honestly would have loved to use some whole wheat, but Dan is not a fan. If you are I suggest using it to amp up the recipes healthy qualities!

After the pasta is done drain it in the sink…obviously! While the pasta is in the sink add some olive oil to the pan and mix the chicken and peppers together and cook for a little bit! Then add pasta to the pan mix well then cover with a sauce of your choice!

I would usually make my own sauce out of tomato sauce, paste and spices, but I was lazy so jarred it was!

Once all mixed place into your baking dish, cover with cut up cheese (I used mozzarella string cheese, less calories and bakes well!) Then sprinkle with some bread crumbs. Next heat oven to 350* and bake for 20 minutes! Good to go!

Before Baking

After Baking


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