Finding out how strong you really are….

12 Jul

…today was a mental battle to beat the band, and a physical one as well! Today I ran the Rentschler Airfield 5k. Let me start by saying .25 miles in I stepped on a big rock (which of course I didn’t see since I am the clumsy queen!) twisted my ankle and went down hard. Oh well I got right back up and kept on going! The race was 3.16 miles according to my garmin and was short miles, also according to my garmin! Which, since it is new I do trust. I ran past their first mile marker at 9:34 SPEEDY for me! I looked down to realize it was exactly a mile BUT I was flying regardless of the ankle and heat. Then my ankle strarted to throb, so I took alternating walk and run breaks and did what I had to do to finish. Then I got lazy! It was SO VERY hot, and I have been slacking due to being sick and getting back to running a week before this race was a bad idea. It was also the kick in the pants I needed!!!!

I fought myself the whole way, I am very hard on myself and my subconscious consistently sabotages a lot of things I set out to do. When I looked down at my Garmin and saw after mile two I was averaging a 16:36 pace you better believe I sped up and if a walk break was needed it was a power walk. I made a deal with myself then and there I WOULD NOT FINISH THIS RACE OVER 40 MINUTES. It just couldnt happen I didnt care what it took to get there, I was doing this! ankle and heat be darned!

The race also taught me three very important lesssons:

1. Racing by yourself is so FREAKING BORING! I love doing races with friends family, but most of all DAN. He lights a fire in me and believes in me so much that I know I can do anything! I really missed him today!

2. I AM A CLUMSY DUMB DUMB! I knew this already….if there is a way to injure yourself I will find it!

3. Let things go! I cant control how hot it was, or that I was sick. I can control my training from here on out though and will be taking that completely head on for the upcoming halves! I WILL DECIMATE THEM!

Plus if I say it on the blog I have to make it happen RIGHT?!?!?!

Plus bonus lesson! Moms teaching their kids how to run (she was 8) and let you run across the finish with them rock!

I finished the race in 39:40 and it was 3.16 miles for a 12:33 pace. All considered that time is amazing! I have never run 3 miles in that heat. I am lazy and take it to the treadmill on hot days. It is time to become equipped for all conditions and get mentally tough!

After the race I did a .25 shake out run to test my ankle which is doing okay and will be fine! It is Icing now!

 This race was put on at and sponsored by Cabela’s so there was the best post race food! Ice cream (well sherbet) Cinnamon Sugar Donuts and Elk Burgers, I got one of each. I DID NOT EAT THAT BURGER THOUGH! I brought a ziploc, wrapped it in napkins and brought it home for Dan!

Now for some pictures!

A happy man with a Burger!

My race self portrait! It was really sunny hence the wince, I was happy I promise, this was before the race. Plus my hair whisps were abundant so it was a stunning look for me!

This picture speaks for itself! DELICIOUS!

Pre-race while still at work showing off my socks and my hawaiian tropic suntan lotion that was sent to me thanks to influenster and hawaiian tropic of course. You can not even believe how many compliments I got on those socks. AND thanks to the lotion I have not one burn on me and felt soft the whole race, even my hands which dry out immensely while running. I was so excited to see how well this worked. Especially since I forgot a hat and it was sunny and most of the race was on asphalt….can you say glaring onto your skin much!!!!

So overall this bad race mad me a better runner. I am in a better mental space, and I am more motivated than EVER! Get ready for A LOT of running posts!


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