A field trip to the happiest place on earth!

14 Jul

Let me start by saying this was the happiest place for me! You may totally not agree, so here we go. Yesterday Mom, Dad and I loaded into Dad’s truck and took a field trip from work to Hartford to go to Restaurant Depot! If you don’t know what that is let me fill you in, it is the store restaurant people shop at in bulk, like Costco but 12 million times more awesome! You see I think this because I always wanted to be a chef/have my own bakery, but that wasn’t in the cards! Now we can go there and shop, it is mostly restaurants but pretty much any business can shop there by showing their tax ID #. Why were we there you ask? Only to get supplies for today, Dunk Tank Day at work!

You see every Saturday we have an event at work, and every Saturday we give our customers a free lunch, all we ask in return is if they are up to it (but not required) to make a donation to Ellington Human Services, which is the community our job is located in’s food pantry. People out there are having a tough time and we try to ease some of that up, not only for the less fortunate families but for programs such as this that need more funding in our community! Today’s event is an employee dunk tank, $1 per shot to dunk your favorite employee and a $20.00 bill will let you push the button and dunk them for sure!

Now that I explained that lets get back to the good stuff! So we walked around the store and looked at how many things they had, a lot of which were things found in my recipe books that I can never find such as tahini! Or things I just really wanted, like pre seasoned yellow rice and Goya Adobo seasoning with cumin YUMMY! Thanks Mommy for buying that and a 4lb container of grapes for me! You better believe after work today I will be washing and freezing half of them in a ziploc! Try frozen grapes they will change your life!

We also ran into my Aunt Tamarra’s Best Friends Husband there! He is a chef (a really good one at that, I have eaten his food YUMMY) it was nice to see him especially since the last time I saw him was probably 8th grade, so yea! He has a couple restaurants in CT and was my idol for a time when I was trying to decide between culinary school and business school.

Around the time we were almost done shopping I decided to take some pictures. It started because I was so enamored in the cold section which was a giant room that was completely cold, so cool! They had one section that had all the lunch meat like you see at a grocery store deli, and you know I wanted to scoop up some Turkey! I could probably eat an entire thing of it before it went bad too! I have been eating turkey sandwiches like they are going to run out of turkeys lately!

So I had to take these…

There has been a heated debate in our house (which you know means me throwing a temper tantrum since Dan doesn’t agree with me over a food related item), over lunchmeat! I ONLY will eat a turkey sandwich, it is that or veggie from subway. If I make my own 100% turkey 100% of the time! Dan is a Ham Man! (He will really eat any lunch meat though) So naturally I had to send him this ham picture, with the comment Turkey is better! It just is okay people!

Speaking of things I love…

My Mom and Smoked Gouda!

I honestly still cannot believe she posed for this! Mom hates having her picture taken and even more the fact that I will usually put it on the blog, but this time she knew what was happening! We love smoked gouda, and no we didn’t buy it but its good to know its out there in that size! I may have to stock up on one incase of an impending zombie apocalypse, or you know like a random Tuesday :).

Speaking of cheese and because you KNOW I love it I had to pose with this….I also did not buy it, mom told me to get it but I couldn’t justify 5 pounds of it!

I know Mom and I should quit or day job and go model for the price is right showing off items! This is my I am so happy because the amount I run is now starting to offset my cheese intake face!

So then we got what we needed and checked out!

This is what it takes to feed some happy customers! Hot dogs, chili, sauerkraut, rolls and more. The first cart with all the boxes is mainly supplies like coffee cups and sterno, utensils and more! Its a tough job making coffee and popcorn for bikers on a daily basis but somehow we manage ;).

Here is Dad, moving at lighting speed so I couldn’t sneak a photo while he was adjusting!

We had a great trip and family outing and I was happy to do something together for the dealership, I think people think since us, Dan and my Brother Harry all work together we see each other a lot and are involved in everything the other does, but it really is not like that! I will take these bonding times any day.

Do you have a lunch meat debate in your house? 

What was the last family bonding activity you took part in?

What is the most fun event your job has put on? 

Today might honestly win for me, but we are planning a carnival day in October with a pie contest, horses, and more cool things so I am not sure!

Please Comment below! And check back, because I do respond to your comments :)!


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