Getting Dunked and Fun With Friends….

16 Jul

Saturday was a busy day! We had a crazy fun event at work and we had some fun with some of our very best friends Saturday night! First up the event! It was a dunk tank and the proceeds went to a local food pantry!

Pre tank! Work shirts and shorts/bathing suits should be the official uniform of TSI H-D all summer long! Plus pigtails with gingham bows a la Mary-Anne from gilligan’s island is always a good look!

Here are some pictures from when we got dunked…Mom said I should have made a prettier face, but if you are a regular reader you know I cannot do that!

Clearly I am a MUCH better picture taker than Dan is!

After work we went out with friends. On the way there I tried to take a picture of the HORRIFIC sunburn I got being outside all day and not wearing sunscreen like a ding dong! Plus pigtails+sun= a burnt scalp…not fun!

Nice red forehead and chest, plus sun burnt lips! No smile, because my lips were one fire!

Then we met up with Derek and Christine for dinner. We went to a local restaurant where the portions are made for elephants apparently!

I got this….

Broccoli stuffed chicken, A BAKED POTATO (my current love and always craving) and a side of Broccoli. You can NEVER have enough broccoli…trust me on that one! I ate a bit of it and had enough left over to eat it for dinner last night and tonight!

Dan got his favorite food of all time!

After that we went to get some ice cream and then to a bar, where we people watched because none of us were too keen on drinking very much. It was a really fun night and I cant even remember the last time we all did something together!


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