4 miles, heat and calluses….

17 Jul

Yesterday and today DAN and I ran together! Yes Dan was in caps and bolded there….you were right. It is because my favorite running times are the ones I share with Dan.

Yesterday we went…


1.57 mi
Avg Pace
11:57 min/mi

That was taken from my garmin connect page. It was very hot, but the run was worth it and I think the heat kept our pace down. We didnt go far because it was 8:36pm when we started and getting dark quick! After we got back we decided we wanted to go farther. So we ran around the yard for a nice cool down!

0.45 mi
Avg Pace
17:02 min/mi
It was nice and I was hot, but it was all okay because I had on my Hello Kitty socks to keep me going….I really enjoy bright colors and I have been looking down at my feet a lot more to avoid injuries! I had a picture, but my computer malfunctioned during the upload and deleted them all so this is a sparse post!
Today was HARD! When all was said and done we had gone 4 miles, in 55:16….for a 13:48 pace! Slow, but today was hot and because Dan was with me we went on trails I have never been on….it was my usual route on STEROIDS! Hills, trails, heat and narrow roads with cars driving like maniacs led to a crazy, but fun outing with my hubby!
After all was said and done we were both tired and I had a bloody spot on the back of my right sock in my achilles heel area. Just like Curt Schilling (boston redsox, google it) I felt like a great american hero today when I was done! It also made me wish that my right achilles had a nice callus on it like my left one! Not even a blister on that side!
When we got home it was time for showers then pj’s. I have new Victorias Secret Pink Sweatpants (they are black, just the PINK brand) So nice, in the AC. We are now relaxing vegging out and watching Netflix and drinking Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, best recovery drink of all time!!!!! Then some stretching before bed, I have my first training session with Jeff tomorrow since I was sick and my legs are feeling like JELLO!!!
Have a great night everyone! I will leave you with a picture of my stalker….

I’ll be watching you!!!!! Sung in the style of sting!






2 Responses to “4 miles, heat and calluses….”

  1. runningcorgi July 17, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    What a cute stalker!! The other day I saw some Hello Kitty t-shirts at Macy’s and they reminded me of someone 🙂 Great 4 with your hubby!

    • Alex K July 17, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

      I do enjoy my HK! You have some pretty cute little stalkers as well!

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