Running After Time Off!

31 Jul

So as you know last week I was in Las Vegas. I could not blog there, because there was no way to upload pictures, and I did not want to give you less than worthy posts! Tomorrow I will begin to recap the Vegas Trip, I am just too lazy to post that long now and I have to get a second run in to keep my mileage up! Half Marathon and all in a little over 1 month EEEEK!

So yesterday was my first time running since LAST MONDAY! Boy was I nervous!!! It started with training with Jeff and a half mile warm up run….it felt hard. Not only because I hadn’t been running, but also because I think I adjusted to West Coast time and working out a 6 am is 3 am their time!! Afterward  I got a nice treadmill run in and was happy with the results.

Not much of an elevation gain, but I have been working on speed not Elevation, due to the fact my Half is a flat and fast course! I was pretty happy with this time!

Then there was today’s run

Today I did an interval speed workout that was pre-programed into my treadmill! It included a warmup and cool down! I was also happy with this performance because I was able to run the whole thing! This was nice because I wasnt sure what I would be able to do after almost a week off!

So I am back to running, and blogging, I know you are happy about reading more about my glamourous everyday life. 🙂

I am also back to doing this….

What a great dinner this was! Perdue pre-marinated Italian Chicken Breasts, French cut green beans, some salsa and some garlic butter rice! Quick, easy and delicious!

Finally I leave you classically with a Finny Picture….He really missed me! And was tired from hanging out with his lady all week (thats my grandma Fran.)


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