Las Vegas Part 3!

7 Aug

So the convention was in full swing, and Dan was clearly having a wonderful time!

I bought these two discontinued cuties in the store at convention and love them! I shipped 10 more of those pumpkins home, they still arent here yet, but I am hoping it was because they had so many boxes, not that I got screwed by UPS!

That is my tweet making the big boar at convention! You can follow me on twitter! @zandralexia!

Oh yea! Then Donnie and Marie Osmond showed up and sang for us! They are on the outside. The two people in the center are Heidi and Orville Thompson the owners of Scentsy! Dan thought Donnie and Marie were married and had no interest in them at all. I thought it was pretty darn cool myself!

This is a photo of all the free things they gave us, warmers, waxes, fondue warmers, chocolate and purses! I got two of each because I have the best husband ever and since he came we each got one!

Thursday night we had a free night so we went to the strip and walked around.

We ran into someone you may know who I am a but obsessed with!

Dan thought I wanted to have my photo taken with her and part of me did…but I restrained myself!

We had dinner at Caesars Palace, yes I took pictures and asked people if it was the real Caesars Palace….but I am no Alan from the hangover!

Dinner was great! At least I thought so….and also $126.00 with no alcohol. But worth it!

Kobe Beef Meatball….SO GOOD. Dan did like this part!

His Fred Flintstone Prime rib on the other hand was not a favorite of his. It was a bit too undercooked for his taste.

I loved my filet mignon and those potatoes and broccoli. Plus it was served with a side of bernaise! YUMMY…..pretty expensive but pretty great….well for one of us!!!

So that was our trip. Pretty great I have more pictures of Scentsy Products and new releases, but if you want to see those visit my website or contact me :).

Those are the three brands. Tomorrow I will have our going home pictures and my latest running and food workouts and obsessions, but its 9pm and I just got home from work so I am going to bed! Good night my friends :).


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