Happy National Smores Day!

10 Aug

You know our country is full of fatty’s when this is a national day! (kidding by the way)

BUT it is one Dan and I full embraced knowing full well we would be running it off tomorrow! I dont have time for a super long post as I am very sleepy so here is how we celebrated….

Smores Sundaes from Friendly’s!

To the above caption all I have to say is yes please! These were so delicious, any kind of Graham Cracker Ice Cream is my fave! Add chocolate and marshmallow sauce and I am sold all day long!

Guess which one was mine the 5 scoop or the three…..

The answer is…..

Dan’s was the 5 scoop!


If you happened to guess mine was the 5 scoop you were wrong, but probably a blog reader because as most people know I can out eat Dan when it comes to certain foods! Ice cream is certainly one of them followed only in closeness of volume by Chinese Food!!!

So that was how we celebrated national Smores Day!!!

What did you do to celebrate?!?!?!

If your answer was nothing you have all weekend to rectify that and get back to me!

Leave you comments below 🙂


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