Fortune cookies and Hard 5 mile runs!

13 Aug

Last night Dan and I got chinese food for dinner. If you are a reader of the blog you know it is my favorite food! Dan also enjoys it but only from certain places so we went to our favorite restaurant Sun Sun.

Here is what we got…

I ALWAYS get beef and broccoli with brown rice….that is the way to my heart! Dan and I split the chicken dumplings and then he has a plate of chicken wings (off to the right) and the beef teriyaki. The fresca is also his, that is the way to his heart ;).

We both had leftovers and then it was time for fortunes.

First off I broke my index finger nail to a disgustingly short length so this is my middle finger and ring finger holding it down. Secondly glad the fortune couldn’t space the word as to not have it lo-ok like that!

Dan got the better fortune anyway!

His said you bring other people happiness so I made him pose with it because he makes me happy!!!!!

After that we spent the night relaxing and watching tv…..

Cut to the middle of the night last night. I either ate too much or something I ate did not agree with my tummy and Krystle and I had made plans to run today. If you have ever run with an upset stomach you know what that is like. I had to put it to the test this morning before we went and do a quick half mile to see how things would go.

Time wise I was okay and the run wasnt too hard. afterward however I was stuck in the bathroom. After that Krystle showed up and off we went on our run. I explained to her about my stomach issues and we knew we would need to take walk breaks. HOWEVER even with the walk breaks I was happy with our performance and glad she understood that I needed to take it a bit slower today. We went out on a new route today and I think it is one we will keep doing but double to lead up to our half marathon. The new route is relatively flat with one steep hill. The half course is flat so this will be a good lead up!

We ended up going 4.41 miles in 1:04 which led to a 14:30 pace. Slower than usual but miles accomplished none the less! I was proud to get it done and SO glad it was over given how hot it got today while we were out there.

Now I am going to spend the day relaxing with my puppy and waiting for Dan to get home. A nice day off indeed!!!


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