Sunday Motivation is back!

19 Aug

Okay so a little while ago I was doing Sunday Motivations, things that will keep you going for the week ahead! This weeks theme is keeping it all together when there is too much to do and not enough time in the day!

This one is my favorite and will be a big one for me to pull off this week!

With my crazy work schedule between TSI and Scentsy I will have no days off! I have Saturday and Sunday off from TSI, but will be trying to work a fair for Scentsy. Work while I can and am young and want to, but still have the half marathon going on. So I still need to kick it into gear for my training! The plan is to sleep in until it is time to get ready, and then bring running clothes to work, run after work (New Scenery is always best), and then head home and relax. That way I have no way to go home from work and get too tired to do anything or sit on the couch!

I love this one as well, if you read the blog you know I am not setting the world on fire with my times, but I try hard and compete with myself not others and that is the lesson!

Finally there is this!

With such a hectic week I am so glad to be going in with a game plan!

The saving grace of it all is I am rewarding myself! I don’t have to work until 11:30 am on Tuesday so I am going to get a pedicure after my training with Jeff, but before my shift. My feet are getting seriously busted and with all the stress lately I could use an hour of pampering for myself….I also need my eyebrows done they are out of control!


What are you doing to motivate yourself this week? 

I am using these motivationals not just for working out but also making it through tiring times!

What do you do to pamper yourself?

ALSO I HIT 10,000 views while we were in Vegas! I will be announcing my first giveaway Friday! In order to win step one is to follow the blog through wordpress! You have a head start 🙂


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