Worst Blogger in the World Status!

19 Aug

Thanks for continuing to read my blog, even though I have not been posting at least once a day, (which is my goal!). I know you all go through withdrawals not hearing about Finny or Running 1000 miles! BUT I have been an extremely bust woman lately and it is only going to get busier now!

Life is tough when you work two jobs and are training for your first and second half marathons back to back. Throw in now the fact that my last day off was August 13th and my next day off is August 25th! However these are the perils you face when you own your own Scentsy business and are in line to own a Harley-Davidson Dealership!

The parental units and our general manager are in Milwaukee for the HD Convention so that means, doggie watching and store watching! Everyone better watch out because Harry (my brother) and I are in charge for the week and are tough customers :). Just kidding, I mean we are in charge but no one really messes with us anyway! Except Dan he is easily the worst employee we have ;).

Anywho now that my work day today is over I figured I would get in a quick blog then run before meeting one of my high school bffs for dinner!

So what have I been up to….well only Scentsy Parties and learning how to run an office without Mom and of course running (solo or with Krystle) and training with my main man Jeff!

I have also decided to start a new post section of the blog called snack of the day….in which I bring you the most delicious snack to me. (Well for that day because I just ate it and it was good…and therefore the best snack EVER!)

So here are some recent best snacks to tell you about…

These are the best snack for when you are craving candy and dont want to eat 200-300 calories! At only 120 calories and tasting like a Rice crispy treat mixed with caramel and covered in chocolate it is a great choice.

I actually really dislike PB and Chocolate combos (i know thats like a sin to most people), but these were SO good and they were kid sized bars so I could eat two and not feel like a Piggy about it!

Finally this is NOT a snack but was so delicious and I wish we had one of these restaurants close to us!

That is a turkey sandwich on a bagel that was dipped in pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and then toasted! SO DELICIOUS!!!!!

So that is it, off for a run then dinner with Miss Katie….


What did you do today?

Dan and I went on a Motorcycle Ride from work that benefitted special olympics it was a great cause and is a really large ride as all of New England and Pennsylvania and New York take part! There are 11 states and 26 locations the ride starts from so we are excited to take part in this!


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