The best laid plans!

20 Aug

After my run find out how my day went from a run around work after it was over to a dog walk and treadmill run….. The best laid plans don’t work out! That’s why you need contingencies!!!

Update: I just finished my run and am happy with it even though I am dead tired! I know I tried my best and am staying motivated :).

My run ended up being 3.38 miles in 39 minutes for a pace of 11:32. I actually feel absolutely great about it! Especially when my plans fell apart today and instead of giving up, coming home and not running I stuck to my guns and got it done….that is the weirdest saying but works here!

So here is what I wanted to do….

Work until 5:30 and then run a new route I mapped out around where I work and would put me at 5.86 miles. I was so organized and everything! Yesterday I had washed all my gym clothes and was so pumped to have clean unsweaty sports bras and outfits that I could pair together for the ultimate in looking like a homeless fashion statement but somehow wearing $80.00 sneakers! (I keep getting complimented on my racing and training attire, so until that stops I will assume people love it and keep on rocking it.)

Todays Fashion Trend Setting Outfit!!!!

I love bright colors (obviously) but I also love safety and comfort, so these work great for visibility and just feeling and looking super sexy….HA HA!

Plus when paired with these bad boys you KNOW people are jealous of your style!

Oh yea! Teaching runners how to avoid getting hit by cars one technicolor outfit at a time!

So work ended I got all dressed, (my co-workers already know I am super weird so they didnt even ask why I had changed.) put on my Garmin and was just about to head out the door when the beep of death and despair sounded from my Garmin.

You know the noise, the one that tells you that you forgot to charge it and how much you suck for that. I decided I would rather not run the trail without it and by myself especially when my phone was also dying and I could not locate my mace this morning. Yes me+technology is an absolutely terrible combination and I currently have both things charging. (You know I dont and will possibly forget again.)

So I was discouraged but not defeated! I came home and first thing was to take Mr. Finny out for a walk!

He likes to think he is in charge and so walks in front of me but continuously turns around like UM COME ON, YOU ARE TOO SLOW!!!!!

I also like to take pictures of him and mess with him so he runs around like a maniac and gets tired. This is one of those times.

After that we came inside and he had dinner and a cookie, then it was time for me to hit the treadmill.

I get very bored with my usual Scenery from our treadmill and so I opened the curtains next to it so I could enjoy the beautiful day and our back yard!

When we eventually move from this house I will really miss the beauty of our yard and the peacefulness of the surrounding area!

The run turned out great even with tired legs and a tired mind and body! Nothing some stretching, food, relaxing, CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK, and early bed time cannot fix!

Overall it was a great day even with the set back in my workout! Tomorrow I am working until 8pm so I will not be running the work course after work tomorrow either. BUT Wednesday is my Birthday and so I might have to take a long head clearing, mind freeing long run on a new trail to celebrate! (I will not be running 27 miles for the amount of years I have been alive, unlike the man who I met at a 5k who had run 40 for his 40th bday!) That guy is a badass!!!!


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