Happy Birthday to….

22 Aug

ME! Today was my 27th birthday and it was a pretty good one!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and I appreciate you taking the time to read a post all about JUST ME.

This morning started off with a nice run!

I went 2.32 miles in 25 minutes! It was 6 am and I was exhausted so I give myself credit for running at all!!!

I was very happy with that performance and continued my day: WARNING I gave myself full reign to eat whatever I wanted today as it was my birthday and all.

Dan treated me to breakfast this morning….

A sausage mcmuffin may not be the healthiest breakfast but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

I came into work to find this on my desk from my co-worker and running buddy Krystle! Thanks for the Balloon, card and target gift card! :).

Dan got me new tires for my car for my birthday, while not the most exciting gift it was EASILY my favorite gift as I drive a 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum Edition…..google how much they cost and you will see why this was my favorite gift! It also means he truly loves me and wants to keep me safe!!!

Dan did also treat me to lunch today, and it was at Taco Bell….but I kept it pretty healthy and got the new cantina bowl with chicken. It was WONDERFUL! For a taco bell meal it really was so delicious!

A side of corn salsa and some chips made it even better! Dan got a crunchwrap supreme combo and was a happy Mr.

After that my long lost friend Lauren dropped by work. I cannot even remember the last time we hung out! She brought me this…

Chocolate Raspberry is pretty darn good! She had the other cupcake and it was a mini party!

She also brought me these…

oh hey me in the reflection of my car.

Then it was time to head home to pick up Finny and head to Grandma’s for family dinner/bday dinner celebrations!

And this is how you know your in Ellington, CT. You get held up when in a rush by a tractor…..UGH!

I finally got home and got to Grandmas!

Finny! How did you buy me a birthday card and get it in your harness ;).

After that we had the dinner I chose, grandmas panko breaded chicken, rice pilaf, and BROCCOLI!

YUM! Thats enough for me, what is everyone else going to do ?!?!?!

Also I have no aversion to posting terrible pictures of me on the internet!

Yes I am a broccoli eating champ! I could have just had a plate of that and been pretty happy. That chicken and rice was SO GOOD THOUGH! Thanks again grandma you outdid yourself yet again!

Finally my cake! It was a boston cream cake. Like a giant donut just a cake….delicious. Also if you dont like boston cream donuts it will be tough for us to remain friends but I will try hard :).

The writing gel G-ma bought was clear with rainbow coloring, however on a brown frosted cake it didnt come out too well….still the thought that counts. Colorful anything is a winner in my book!

So that was my bday! Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and it was a really great day! I cant say why yet but we have a lot of stuff coming up that will make 27 my best year ever!!!!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to….”

  1. Kim at 11:06 am #

    A little late but it was a great pleasure to share your Birth Day with you. Many, many, many more! Lots of Love from Kimberly.

    • Alex K at 6:55 am #

      Thanks Kim I also enjoyed my birthday glad it fell on a family dinner night!

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