The Top Ten Reasons You Know You are a Runner!

31 Aug

A Serious and Non-Serious list of how to know you are a runner. Make sure and read to number 1 as it is the best one of all!!! And do not forget to enter my giveaway!!!

10. Your running shoe collection can rival most ladies high heel collections!

Yes I am looking at my sister-in-law while typing this! She is a shoe-aholic and also a runner, if you want to see my (running) shoe collection visit my GEAR  page.

9. Your Day of Rest doesn’t have to fall on Sunday!

Just because the big man took Sunday as his day of rest you don’t have to, but you do need to rest!

I take one rest day a week from running and cross training and it is never Sunday, that is when my upcoming half marathon is so that is when I do my long runs. Running is a great sport to pick up because you do what is right for YOU!

8.  You eat things like this every once in a while with little to no guilt because you know you can burn it off!

My birthday dinner with my in-laws

This, while not what I usually eat was delicious and worth it and actually great fuel for my next run! Speaking of….

7. Most mornings (if you run then) look like this….

That was seriously the best recovery drink/breakfast ever! And I realize not everyone drinks weight watchers protein smoothies after a run, but you should be drinking something packed with protein, like chocolate milk (another favorite) or lean protein mixes!

6. You wake up long before most people in your house and go to bed before them!

Since running competitively I have really learned to love the value of a good EARLY morning run, it puts me in a better mood and is a great way to start your day. Inversely going to bed at 9:30 or 10 is awesome because I feel more refreshed the next day!

5. This may be TMI but you have your bathroom schedule down….

You know what I am talking about once you run this becomes a science. I personally NEVER want to pop a squat in the woods so I usually wait until I know there will be no issues and then go out on my run.

….Until you don’t

Again there are those times where you tried something new for dinner and it did not sit right when its time for your run, I know you know that terrible feeling of trying to make it back home.

4.  Your research of running is extensive.

Runners World Subscription, Googling things like prerace meals and tips, reading books by your heros (Kara Goucher), or whatever you do to make yourself better!

I am a huge nerd so maybe I am all alone on this one but I really do these things!  

3. Somewhere in your house looks like this.



Please note the absence of my Ipod shuffle and headphones which are all usually together, and NEVER this organized, but I love my readers so I organize for you! 🙂 Here we have my Garmin, Waterbottle, Running Mace, and my Accelerometer.

You know  I am afraid of getting kidnapped or attacked by a bear if Dan is not running with me so that Mace is like anti-anxiety medication!

The Accelerometer is from Weight Watchers as well, I am trying to watch my weight people! It tracks your activity each week and pushes you to do a bit more than the week before. It is water proof and also Alex knocking it off her sports bra while running and hitting the road then being left there for a half hour until I realized it was gone and got it, proof!!!

ALSO I AM NOT A DRUG DEALER, all those small ziplocs in the background I put Scentsy Samples of wax in with my business card and I was in the midst of doing that this morning when taking this photo!

2. You could only wear running clothes for a month straight and still not be out! You also critque the way manufacturers make things!

This one is a two parter and very important to me! I love my running clothes they are comfy and AMAZING! I wore some yesterday to work to setup our booth at a local fair and wished I could do it again today! I wanted to take a picture of my collection of running shorts but it is 7am people and I am on borrowed time before I need to be at work and that could take an hour to set up!

I did manage to get this picture yesterday morning after my run for part two

DEAR COSTCO, I love these running capris but they DO not need a tag that long that somehow got into the top of my underwear and left a sweat mark on my back! I thought I had poison ivy or something because of the amount of chaffing! You know I ripped that sucker out.

1. Because you run and you say you are!

This is my favorite and the most true of all! It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you run, just that you do it. That makes you a runner!


How do you know you are a runner? Leave some comments below 🙂


One Response to “The Top Ten Reasons You Know You are a Runner!”

  1. Kim September 2, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    Just found out that Fitbit is on Amazon too. I think it would not make me a runner but possibly a woman who walks!

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