3 hours left…. and toenails!

5 Sep

There are three hours left to enter my first ever blog giveaway for $25.00 to, you can enter here. Winner will be announced tomorrow….any comments after 6pm will be thrown out and only comments on the orignial post will count.

In other more depressing news but still news none the less. With a week to go before my half marathon I have run a total of ZERO miles from Monday-Today. The reason is TOENAILS. Yes you did in fact read that right toenails my friends,  my right baby or piggy or pinky toe. OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU CALL IT! But Monday afternoon I ripped my toenail piece out of my foot with a compression sock! My toe  ended up swelling and I could not get my foot into my sneaker with out emmense pain and pooling sneaker blood OH YEAH! So no running for me. Maybe a walk after work as I am determined to retain some sort of mileage this week!!!

So yea this was pretty much how I felt about the situation… please note this face is being made at Dan for taking a photo shoot of me while asking him to photograph me in my white capris which I WILL NOT wear after labor day. Fall people!



Half laughing about the situation and half super angry…the way to be. 😉


One Response to “3 hours left…. and toenails!”

  1. Christine Noble September 5, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    I read somewhere that white is acceptable to wear this fall…new trends or something. 🙂

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