The most food pictures ever assembled

11 Sep

Last week I was so busy and was a very bad blogger, but just because I don’t post doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking a bunch of great pictures for you or that I have stopped running (but more on that in the next post.)
This post is all about food, its deliciousness and various forms I came into contact with. Here we go….

This was a friendlys dessert pizza my grandma got for a family dinner. The crust was a brownie, ice cream, fudge and sprinkles so good I had two pieces!!!! Yummy! And yes she cut it with a pizza cutter she is really cool and has to use the right tools, it tasted better because of it!!

After that family dinner the next one featured this dessert.

Grandmas just know how to pick the best desserts! This was an oreo ice cream cake filled with oreo ice cream and that giant one on top! Delicious she really out does herself each week!

Okay on a healthier note there are these two items…

This is a salad from a local pizza place with cranberry walnut chicken salad, romaine, tomatoes that were picked out (ew), Kalamata olives, asiago cheese and fat free raspberry vinaigrette.

The next picture is of a soup my Mom made Dan and I last Thursday so that we didnt have to worry about it when we got out. She was off that day and is the best for doing that!

This was sweet potato and ham corn chowder from the weight watchers cookbook and was AMAZING!!!!!

Mueller Corner Yogurt

Have you tried this new yogurt yet, it is really good! Today I had the greek yogurt with honeyed apricot corner and it was good!!!

Here is a Fajita Salad from the Hebron Fair on Sunday! It was good, but there was too much sour cream and cheese on it so I ate about half of it then my tummy hurt! Delicious but into the garbage it went!

Dan and I werent hungry for dinner Sunday, see above salad. So for dinner we got Ritas! This is a mint chocolate chip Misto! Have you ever had ritas? If not you must find one and try it!!!

Finally we have yesterdays lunch. a cheddar bagel, maple glazed turkey, pepper jack cheese and lettuce and mayo! Perfect running fuel for after work! Also note my dress and crock sandal at the bottom of the picture, no I dont sit like a lady (sorry mom) but it does stretch my legs and feel better than crossing them. Plus there was a table so it was cool. No one could see my I love the New York Giants Undies!!!

Have a great night everyone.

Have you ever had any of the above foods????? What did you think?


3 Responses to “The most food pictures ever assembled”

  1. Nicole September 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    I want that soup recipe!!! Sounds and looks delish!

    • Alex K September 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

      I can photocopy it for you and drop it off with your Scentsy Order 🙂

  2. Kim September 23, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    How was the 1/2 marathon? Update please! XOXO

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