Everything you ever wanted to know about my first half marathon! Part 1

24 Sep

Let me begin by saying it was AWESOME!

So we will start with the day before the race. Since Thursday of race week I was shifting my time between working my 8:30-5:30 job, then working a local fair selling Scentsy until 11pm. This became tiring very quickly and also led me to believe I was a bit screwed for the race in the over tired department. Flash forward to Saturday and I was again working the booth from 8am. I was lucky enough to have two of my wonderful Scentsy teammates cover my booth from Saturday night-Sunday morning so we could head to RI Saturday afternoon/evening.

Here is a picture of the Alpacas from the fair…such cuties!!! Tood bad they dont stay that size forever or Dan and I would be adopting a new family member!

So off Dan and I went to RI. But first we had to drop off Finny…who isnt a fan of us packing suitcases and loading him into the car. Dont get me wrong he loves going to my grandma’s house, but he does miss us and gets concerned about car rides. So when we got to Grandmas this happened.


Thanks for the Scratches FINNY!!!

So I tried to make my best angry face while I hugged him goodbye.

Just ignore the fact that I drastically need my eyebrows waxed…thanks.

We finally arrived around 6:30pm and checked into the cute bed and breakfast we had booked, owned by a married couple and their dog biscuit. He was a cutie!

This was one of only two times we actually saw the dog standing. The people owned a general store as well which was next to the B&B, (the door hes coming out of is the store). Biscuit had spent all of his time lying right in front of the doorway…that is a big dog to walk over!

We put our stuff in the room and headed to a restaurant just down the street to have an early dinner and get to bed by 9:30…well that was my goal.

The scenery was beautiful and made me so excited for the race as mile 10 was right around this area.

For dinner I knew I wanted pasta…all week I was so diligent about cutting down my fiber so there would be no bathroom stops during the race! I was already painfully aware that due to my hectic schedule I would need all the time breaks I could get to finish this race under the three hour time limit!!!

So I had my fave go to pasta, spaghetti bolognese it was so good, the pasta was also homemade and it made it that much better! Dan got his go to as well Chicken Parm…the piece of chicken was Dinosaur sized.

Dan’s Dinner























He is even picking up the giant chicken to show you all that delicious pasta!


For dessert we split an icecream sundae, I really only had like three bites, but they were worth it. I also ordered an oatmeal cookie coffee. When I got it however it had cinnamon schnapps in it….that was a very unpleasant surprise, but I choked down as much as I could to get the wonderful digestive effects of coffee…TMI, maybe but hey runners do weird things to prevent stops in the race :). We then headed back to the room and relaxed and fell asleep aroun 10pm….that storage wars is an addictive show!!!

TOMORROW PART 2…the race….check back!


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