Surftown Half Marathon Part 2…..

26 Sep

Then it was race day! Please see my previous post for part 1.

My plan was to wake up at round 5:30 am to be ready for the race at 7:30am. We left our hotel and drove to where my friend Krystle was staying to park the car. Her hotel was right next to the start/finish line.

This was both of our first half marathon and we were so nervous but got into the swing of things well…

Here is a breakdown of my thoughts during each mile followed by pictures.

Mile 0-1– Feeling Good this will be a piece of cake. We started off by doing run 1 mile walk 1 minute intervals as we knew we would not be able to run the whole thing. Due to my schedule I hadnt trained enough and Krystle got tendonitis in her knee. So we knew it was okay to take walk breaks going in.

Mile-2-3- Mile two was also a breeze, however at this point we ran by a super stinky marsh along the course, (the race was at the beach it was beautiful!) Mile three made us a little anxious since we didnt see the mile marker until we were 3.32 in to the race. This made me nervous and I started to think WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!!!! But…

Mile 4-5- The mile four marker popped up right on time so were were back into rhythm, it was around 3.5 miles that we hooked up with a very nice couple. We were both getting tired of the walk 1 minute after running a mile schedule, and they were on a run 3 minutes walk 1 minute rhythm…so it worked out great! Plus they live in the same town as me! This was a big deal as we are from CT and the race was in Rhode Island….great coincidence! (also the time we ran back by the stinky marsh, the first part was a loop)

Mile 6-7- This was around the time my legs really started to feel it! The couple we had met up with had told us after 5 miles to be really aware of how our legs felt and to preserve them so we worked on that. Those minute walk breaks became my best friend 🙂 Around mile 7 Kryslte needed a pee break so I started walking while she went into the porta potty so she could easy catch up and we could be on our way! I swear she peed at the speed of lightning because she was right there with me in seconds….it was funny.

Mile 8-9– Now we had made it to watch hill, just had to go out and back to reach the finish!!! This was also the time we had got decidedly more tired, we had lost the couple during the bathroom break but knew we could do it on our own. Now we were still running three minutes but stuck with a 1:30 walk now, because our legs and feet needed it and were starting to cramp!

Mile-10-11- We kept up our walk run through 11 miles and picked up a nice girls named Christina (who was from RI) to finish out the race with us, she liked our run walk style and it was her first half as well!!! Mile 11 brought the bane of my existence a GIANT hill to run up, however we were so tired and knew we could make it to the finish in the three hours, so we walked the hill to save our energy! Mile 11 after the hill was also the time my calf muscles started to rebel against me and the muscles were rolling like there were snakes in my legs. The other two girls knees were bothering them so we took a walk…not a break a walk, t was longer than 2 minutes but needed.

Mile 12-13.1- we ran when we could until the pain started and around a little over a quarter mile left we figured we could run the whole thing….but my calves were not having it!

So we walked a bit that was until we could see the 13 mile marker and then we sprinted to that and through the finish. It helped that Dan and Krystles Boyfriend Tommy were there waiting to cheer us on.

Dan also turned the mile marker around and got a few shots of us.

I dont know if you can tell but we were happy to be almost done!

Talking to Dan and speeding up for the finish! I know my running form is spot on 😉

Almost done!

To cross the finish Krystle and I held hands….we trained together and pushed each other, we were finishing this together!

Plus I am pretty sure we both needed the other one to hold us up after that sprint. I almost cried then vomited when we finished. I was proud and knew I had given everything I had.


We were so proud of ourselves and with the time limit being three hours our goal was to finish under three hours! We finished in 2:53:07 for Krystle and 2:53:08 for me!!!! We did great and totally plan on doing it next year…

PS——If anyone is wondering what that orange wire on my shoulder is the answer is my ipod popped off my bra at mile 5 and then was stored inside of it for the rest of the race, this also somehow led to my headphones strangling me while one earbud tired to make its way out my sleeve and heres the outcome!


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  2. Running Q&A: My personal story « Food.Run.Fun. - January 25, 2013

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