Why I haven’t been blogging…or RUNNING

1 Oct


So Dan and I bought a house! Here we are with our realtor and family friend Lori! She was so great during this whole process and SO helpful! The house is exactly what we were looking for, but has kept us VERY busy!!!!

Thats our new house! It is pretty darn cute!!!! AND HAS A 2 CAR GARAGE!!!! Compared to the NO garage we had before Dan is in man heaven!!! (Note these were taken on Dans Iphone, and so there is a black borders).

Because we have been so busy moving, stressing about the closing and working I have not ran more than 1 mile since my last half marathon! This could be an issue because my next half marathon is October 13th! But Priority 1 tomorrow is to set up the treadmill fully so I can get back to running somewhere, I am not familiar with our new area yet and there are VERY busy roads, I think we will look for a good trail later in the week!

In the mean time we prioritized our packing…

Im totally kidding as we really do not drink much, but I figured it made for a great laugh!!

It was strange to see our old place empty out…for new readers we rented a house. So this is our first home as HOMEOWNERS!!!

I will MISS those IKEA cabinets!!! Our old house was rented, but is family owned and re-done for us to move in so I got to pick all the paint and items that were placed in the house!

Dan was of course concerned about the glass arriving safely and so packed them very protectively!

But we love our new house, it is so nice and looks like a grown up place to live!

They painted….I say they because I was not allowed to paint. My in-laws, and Dan painted this room and my Mom Aunt’s and Uncle and sister in law also all helped paint and move other rooms! Two of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers ( I had three of each until my grandpa passed away in 2000.) also came to check it out! SO grateful for such a wonderful family!!! Our friends also visited us throughout the day and we cant wait for everyone to see our new home! We are so excited for all the new adventures we will partake in, inside this house!!!

ALTHOUGH you cannot always live like a grown up!

Yes we have both tvs in our basement and a bed on the floor. Our bedroom cannot get setup until tomorrow, but we wanted to stay here! The little tv is set up to play netflix as for some reason my PS3 WILL NOT run on the larger tv….

But anyway all the packing, unpacking and more has got us all exhausted! Good night everyone looking forward to my run tomorrow!!!! (after my personal training session) TALK ABOUT TIRED! At least our new King Bed will be good to go!!!!


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