Dan Bought Me a VERY Important Gift!!!!

2 Oct

Yesterday we went to the local bike shop to pick up Dan’s Mountain bike. He likes to ride it like a crazy person on trails and crashed it, so it needed a repair and new parts! So for our anniversary I paid for the repairs and parts! Well today was my first time there, I discovered they had a section for Triathlons.

In that section they had these…

1. I know my nails need to be painted, ignore that!

2. Why did Dan buy me body glide and shot blocks?!?! Well because he is only THE best husband ever!

I didnt mention this in my half marathon recap but I did not use body glide on my inner thighs/the area where the built in underwear in the shorts touches and I paid DEARLY for that for three days! The shower is a cruel cruel bitch when you are chaffed!!!

SO now I am prepared. Also during the last half I had used shot blocks and while they are way too chewy as long as I have water they are eatable and the energy they give me is great without needing a bathroom break!!!

In summation, Dan won big time husband points for buying these for me and ha prepared me well for October 13th, which happens to also be my Mommy’s 50th birthday!!!


One Response to “Dan Bought Me a VERY Important Gift!!!!”

  1. Kelly Levesque October 5, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    Love it.

    Kelly Levesque

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