What our week consisted of….

7 Oct

Well more so the weekend of it Thursday through Sunday, but you get the idea. Our week mostly consisted of bringing boxes back and forth from the old house to the new house. After that we had one event outside of the house, and thank goodness it was only one because I have been really sick and exhausted most of my week was spent like this when not unpacking….

This is a picture of Finny sleeping on my legs but you get the idea, as I was not about to put a picture of my sick self on here. Finny was shaggy here but that all changed.

Anyway Thursday we had the MDA Black and Blue ball, it is a charity event held to help children with Muscular Dystrophy go to summer camp at no cost to the children or their families! The camp is great since they get to do all the regular summer camp activities but tailored to them and their disabilities due to the disease. My parents are sponsors and thus the black and blue means you can wear black tie or blue jeans!

Here is me getting ready…it was hard since I was sick!

Sick! Makeup can fix that….and yes my hair rollers attmept was half assed but looked good in the end!

I swept my hair to one side and had it rolled in the back so it was a nice updo in the back, tribute to Veronica Lake in the front,but then the fever hit and sweat galore. SO this became the look

Blurry side pony tail pictures are the coolest! I wore that sweater and a black dress!

Dan and I on the way Dad drove we were in the back seat. Also Dan is a goofball!

The event was good, I felt tired when we got home and was looking forward to nothing else but sleeping FOREVER!

Friday I woke up around 2pm, it was worth it but I still was not feeling well so I stayed inside did a bit of unpacking and then relaxed for the rest of the day and night. Toddlers and Tiaras may have been watched on Netflix. I cannot handle shows that require you to think much when sick!

Come back for part two tomorrow. Only because I am too tired to finish this now. The next post will include Finny’s new haircut and I know that is a CANNOT miss event!!!


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