What our week consisted of, PART 2….

9 Oct

Im am posting this today because with my busy schedule of sleeping and taking medicine my days have looked like this.

Yes I did notice that aside from my white pill everything i have consumed today is the same color, also orange juice is my best friend!

Wednesday we had a great Family Dinner, perfect for fall!

Beef stew, salad and bread, plus my grandma and brother! It was a great dinner and as it was day 2 of the sickness fest I was so happy to have soup!!!! Sorry I know that has nothing to do with the weekend I just wanted to use this picture!!!

Back to the weekend which was more fun (then the past two days) and included different colored foods than yellow!

First I hung a new shower curtain purchased from Target….really love it! I really hate the gold shower pulls but I will need a new rod before I can get rid of those babies. But little changes make things look better!

Another little change for the better was Mr. Finny got a haircut!!

He is very cute!!!

Saturday night we had burritos and tortilla chips, my version of Moe’s if you havent been to Moe’s GO! It is better than Chipotle just throwing that out there, there is so much more variety!

Yes I was drinking orange juice in a champagne flute! I wanted to feel not sick!

They were yummy!!

After that our friends Ricky and Diana came over it was a fun night even though I felt like sleeping at 7pm!

Sunday I stayed in bed all day and decided I would go to the doctor monday! We all know how that went.

Sunday night though I did my wifely duty and cooked dinner. My friend Ashley had told me she makes a pasta dish for her family with white sauce and hamburger with pasta and some vegetables. I wanted to use peas we had corn so that was that. The white sauce is a low calorie alfredo recipe I devised myself. I will post the recipe tomorrow until now here is a picture. I mixed the corn in with mine Dan preferred his on the side.

I honestly believe this is the best food picture I have ever taken for this blog!!!!

For dessert we had mug cake. 3 tbsp cake mix (red velvet mixed with angel food) 2 tbsp Dark Chocolate almond milk a handful of white and dark chocolate chips. Microwave for 1 minute! Its a weight wachers recipe that I changed with the milk instead of water. It was good.

It was still a bit runny at the bottom I think because of the milk but good all the same!

I hope you had a good weekend as well! I cannot wait to run again also but i will wait until I am feeling a little better!


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