Pasta Recipe and Stalking Noelle’s First Half Marathon via my phone….

13 Oct

I know I said I would post this two days ago…bad girl! But I was busy and sick! Work has been crazy with Mom on vacation I had a lot to do! Today is no different. I am sitting in my kitchen currently lamenting the fact that I could not run the half marathon this morning and waiting for a pie to finish baking for an apple pie cookoff at work!

My sister in law ran the half marathon and I tracked her at work (it was pretty cool, they send text message updates to your phone about your chosen athlete) and it was her first half! She finished in 2:38:24. GREAT JOB NOELLE!!!

We did still go to the expo last night so I could pick up my packet and shirt, and they said because it was a medical condition they could wave my fee until next years race! Awesome!!!!

Theres a blurry Dan face.

Anyway on to the recipe!

Ashley’s Pasta Goulash: (with Alex’s low calorie Alfredo*) 

*Its not technically alfredo but I call it that.

Like I said this is my friends recipe. I just made my own sauce, but feel free to use jared or your own alfredo recipe.




Veggie of choice (we did corn)



Brown meat

cook pasta


cover with sauce and add veggies, serve

EASY PEASY and really tasty!

Here is my Sauce recipe:

Make in the hamburger with a little of the grease still in there.


1 block low fat cream cheese I use Neufecthal  

Grated Parmesan Cheese- yes the sprinkle kind in the jar for the top of pasta

milk to thin it out just a bit (we used 1% or skim)

Garlic Powder



Add block of cream cheese to pot with hamburger let melt down. Add a bit of milk to help it out and thin down, this is a preference. Personally I like less milk and a bit of a thicker sauce! (There is no butter because by using the natural grease from the hamburger you have you fat, also this is a tiny amount left in not all of it.)

Once a saucey consistency add your cheese. This and the spices are all to taste, again your preference for your sauce. However I just put enough parmesan until it tastes like alfredo maybe 1/4 cup.


The sauce will look like this…

Its looks like biscuits and gravy, gravy but trust me it is less savory and meaty and SO much more cheesy! Plus with no butter and cream your good to go!

This is the finished product!


2 Responses to “Pasta Recipe and Stalking Noelle’s First Half Marathon via my phone….”

  1. ashley October 13, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    I make a shrum sause thats a white sauce

    • Alex K October 13, 2012 at 11:52 am #

      Oh nice! I love your recipe idea never would have thought of white sauce and hamburger without you 🙂 Maybe you will have to guest blog that recipe one day, we (dan and I) dont eat mushrooms! But I am sure readers would love it!!!

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