Good times with good friends

14 Oct

Saturday was a fun day! I worked in the morning and we had an apple pie cookoff. This was what I made, though I did not enter it into the competition.

This is pre-baking and pre-crumble top crusting! I mix the apples in the food processor to make and apple sauce with the spices then add apple pieces and mix together. The key here is Granny Smith apples since they make a nice contrast to the sugars. Then pour melted caramel into pie before covering with mixture of butter, flour, and brown sugar to bake.

After work my friend Christine and I headed to our friend Lauren’s going away party. She recently took the bar and is moving to California to become a lawyer! Congrats again Lauren we will miss you!!!!! Here is a picture of the food and cake they had for her….I only got a few “your creepy” looks while snapping the shots.

It was a great party for one of my best friends and I will miss her so much!

After the party we came back to our house where Dan, and some friends were already hanging out. We decided to go get some frozen yogurt. I made everyone take a picture of course!

Dan, Ricky and Derek…..These are better faces then they were making when I first got the camera out so we will settle for this.

The girls did a much better job!

Diana, Me and Christine……and Derek’s yogurt. We were all done eating ours but we faked a good picture!

After that we came home, everyone went home and Dan and I headed to my parents. It was midnight, but it was also my Mom’s 50th bday and they were getting back from Mexico! We were not missing that!

We finally got home and were so happy to go to bed it was a long day for us both, but we are so grateful for so many wonderful friends!


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