Planning my next half and updating…..

14 Oct

I have already signed up for my next half! With this sickness taking me out of running Hartford this past weekend I have also not been able to run and am feeling like a real lazy bones mcgee! It was time to find a new race, one longer than a 5k as well so I could get back in the game.

The issue here is there are not really any in our area until spring due to the weather. The solution was this….

The picture is a link to the race website so if anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to join me there is all the info!

February 24th 2013….Dan and I will venture to Florida so I can put on a costume,(because honestly do you think I would miss that opportunity?!?!?!!), run at 5:30 am and be really pumped about it! Dan can watch in style!

Something tells me he will be really happy to watch this race as I bought him a package to watch in comfort that Run Disney Offered. It includes…

– Email updates about the race

-T shirt and other gear for race day

-Brunch and beverages on race day

-Temperature controlled tent with lounges for viewing

-Televised Finish line so he can come meet up with me

-Internet access

and more….it cost me $99.00 but a happy husband at 5am-I finish is a priceless gift to me for race day!

I am very excited about this whole experience. The last time  I went to Disneyworld I was little and barely remember it! Of course we will be renting a car and I asked for one favor only… go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter….I mean were right there!!!!


Have you run a rundisney event? Do you have any tips, I would love any info or advice!


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