The last post full of randomness!

15 Oct

Not running has made me cranky! Tomorrow that will all change! It is my day off so I am going to take the first run around our new neighborhood. Since I am not working it is the perfect time to take as much time as I need to get reacquainted with my 3rd love. (Dan and Finny of course holding 1st and second place.) I am planning a nice 2-3 mile run to re-enter my training program for the Princess half. In the meantime and because I have taken a bunch of random pictures and not posted them enjoy the last of my no workout ridden week!

Its Fall in New England so that means leaves and more leaves! They look great on the trees but terrible all over the ground, Finny makes up for it all though being so cute!

Later in the week while making dinner I used a trick I learned via Pintrest. You can boil water on high while cooking pasta if you put a wooden spoon across the top. I didnt have one but this silicone spatula with a wooden handle did the trick!

Wednesdays Family dinner at Grandmas was amazing. Panko Chicken with a baked potato and asparagus! DELICOUS, Grandma really out does herself each week. Especially in the dessert department.

This was a turtle chocolate cream pie. This is what dreams are made of YUM!

Friday night after picking up my race bib and t-shirt we got food at Mooyah, which is a place like Five Guys, but better.

Reason number one they are better, you fill out this sheet and hand it to the people, so nothing will be forgotten! They also have more toppings! Can you say ranch and buffalo!!!!!

However next time I will be getting the little mooyah burger, as I DO NOT need two hamburger patties ever!

A whole wheat bun and pepperjack cheese is key!

Plus they have sweet potato fries!

So that was my week a lot of time in bed then some food breaks in between. That was that. Tomorrow starts my rejoining the fitness world and a re-commitment to my HEALTHY eating plan with it! We are back in training people and I could not be happier!!!!


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