Training Tuesday

16 Oct

Welcome to a new part of my blog! In an effort to get not only my fitness and eating back on track, but also my blogging I have devised a new system. Each day there will be a designated post for that day, thus resulting in one post per day each week! Plus a random post added to which ever day I have something interesting to say!

Today is training Tuesday! I have so much to say about my training for my next half, starting with this….

Dan again won the best husband of the year award when I went down stairs and the treadmill was good to go! I wanted a picture of myself hugging it of course but I was off from work today and unless Finny can now operate a camera phone it wasnt happening!

It was a great surprise to find this morning and even better to run on it tonight after grocery shopping and dinner!

I of course had to get my usual set up in place.

Glass of water and Netflix all cued up to watch an episode of Extreme Couponing… it was time to get two miles in!

Like an idiot I stopped my workout when my cell phone rang (I was trying to pause TLC, and the treadmill and ended the entire workout and hung up on the person) so the following pictures are of my two workouts that equal my 1 workout for today!

The pictures are backward the bottom picture was my first workout before I shut it off! WHOOPS.

So todays total run was 2.05 miles in 21:51 not too shabby for my first run over 1 mile in a month! That’s right a month ago today we were running the half marathon, and I due to time constraints and sickness have not ran over 1 mile in a month. The best part was my pace was 10:39. Glad to see my endurance is still up, and I haven’t lost much granted I dont think I can go out and run 7 miles with no stops, but I will get back there!!!

Here are some apps I am using to help train:

Couch to Half Marathon:

Great Program that I started using at the end of my training for Surftown. It is not a free app but it is worth it for sure!!! They have weekly plans for running, core work and tell you when you need to be cross training.


This is a free app and I just started using it yesterday but I really enjoy it. They have challenges you check into and you earn points. You can even set a picture of what you will treat yourself with when you level up within the app! It is pretty cool. They also let you track your food, when they do it enters the sodium, fats, proteins, etc and shows you a graphic of how much you ate of each within the breakdown. It was good to see, I had a lot of sodium today, and thus maybe that is why my tummy has been feeling so bloated! Glad to have this app and will continue to use it for my eating and ftiness needs. You can also track your workouts!

So that was training Tuesday! Obviously I run most days and will post that, but each Tuesday I plan on doing one other thing on top of my usual run! CROSS TRAINING! Also it is a good motivation to do some of those work out DVDs and games I have :). Plus this week I am taking it slow as I am just re-entering after a month of no long runs EEEEK!!!

We will see how it goes wish me luck and enjoy your night!


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