Treat Yourself Thursdays!

18 Oct

Every once in a while you deserve a treat! I say why not once a week! I got the idea for treat yourself Thursdays because I was thinking I deserve something nice for all my hard work of eating right and training as hard as I do. But also because I am so very hard on myself about a lot!

I got the name idea from one of my favorite shows, the most hilarious Parks and Rec!

If you have not seen the episode Donna and Tom above, spend a day treating themselves with expensive shopping and other such treats because they deserve it!

So why not do we not all need a day in which to be nice to ourselves more than anyone else.

So what did I do today for Treat Yourself Thursday…..

Well the day started off with a cold shower, because we need a new motor in our furnace OH HOMEOWNERSHIP YOU JUST PLAIN ROCK!

I knew after this event that I deserved something good, that would warm me up and something I dont have often…..

I bought myself a Pumpkin White Chocolate Latte. With skim milk of course. It is a bit higher in calories than my usual black coffee and I have been trying hard not to buy coffee and instead take it from home to save money. However after a cold shower I deserved to not make my own coffee, enjoy the sugar and feel like I got rewarded for suffering through it :). (the shower that is)

Secondly on treat yourself Thursday my plan was to do my hair and makeup very nicely since it makes me more confident…..BUT the shower again prevented that…so I did the quickest thing to make me feel better about myself, something I usually let slip by doing because I feel like I just dont have the time!

Painted nails are pretty and purple is the best color there is!!!!

Painted nails and a latte may not seem like a big deal to some or a giant treat but that is not what today is about! Today is about for once taking a break to make yourself feel good as everyone else does in your life because you take care of them, or help them, or listen to their problems, what have you!

I can already tell you if we had hot water a BATH would be in todays future NICE aND HOT! But that will be for another Treat Yourself Thursday!!!

Have a great Thursday and TREAT YOURSELF!!!


2 Responses to “Treat Yourself Thursdays!”

  1. Kim October 20, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Try whole milk… the fat is good for women especially if you only drink it once in a while. I treated myself yesterday with On the Border Tortilla chips and Archer Farms Roasted tomato and chipotle salsa. Yummy.


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    […] and Recreation while typing this so it is a bit surreal. If you are confused please see my first Treat Yourself Post.  However if you have never read the explanation and know why this is funny I love you and we are […]

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