Fun Event Friday and Being a Good Friend!

19 Oct

Friday’s new theme is a fun event! Wether it be something I did within the week and didn’t have time to post about, or something I am doing that day you will get the scoop!

Today’s fun event is the Scentsy Launch for my new recruit I told you about on Wednesday! I am so excited for her and to share Scentsy with a new group of people that I have never met, all while getting more recognition for a company I love working for!



The logo is linked to my website if you have never heard of scentsy and want to take a look!

So I will update everyone tomorrow about how this event goes!

In other news I am a good friend! As many of you know my co-worker Krystle runs with me. We both have Sunday (October 28th off) so I signed up to do a race that day and told her about it. Because of circumstances she wasnt sure if she could do the race (funds wise) so I bought her entry for her. I mean I did owe her for the soup I got for lunch yesterday ;).

I am pumped up about this race! I love Halloween I am the mayor of it at work and force everyone to dress up! So when I saw this race I knew it was one I wanted to do and needed my racing buddy there with me 🙂



The cute devil picture is linked to the race website if anyone is interested!

I like the idea that we get devil horns just for taking part in it! And I love a good theme, I think everyone knows this!!!

So those are my fun events for this Friday and I will post more about them after they happen/as they get closer!


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