New Additions To FRF!

19 Oct

This is a cannot miss post! It is also in COLOR! 

I have made a couple changes to my blog. FYI this post was typed at 1:13 am oh insomnia you cruel lady you! 

Thus I apologize in advance for spelling errors or rambling! However I have added things to make the blog function much better for me and for you! 

If you are an RSS subscriber I now have a feed through so you can click that in my sidebar to the right and SUBSCRIBE!!! You can also as always share my blog via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and more on the bottom and clearly sharing is caring! And you can still subscribe through email and facebook, but some people dont like those methods so I have opened it up to a larger audience! 

Next I have added a contact me page at the top right of the blog, fill out the simple contact form and I will get an email with all the info! Readers if you have ideas I want to hear them! If you want to be my e-mail friend that is great too! I am also accepting contacts from companies for reviews and giveaway promotions! Contact me using the form for more info! 

If my delusional sleep deprived ramble confused you where to go here is the link.


Lastly I did this a week ago but I updated my Races page also on the top CHECK IT OUT PEOPLE!!! 


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