Saying Goodbye & Motivation Sunday!

21 Oct

I just had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, man that was hard!  As you know my friend Lauren is moving to California to pursue her dream to be a lawyer! She leaves tomorrow so I went to visit her tonight and to say goodbye.

I also wanted to see her dog Nellie who is sick and was one of my best dog friends.

She is a big baby! I love her.

It was a good time and I will miss her a lot!  (Lauren and Nellie)!

But Lauren and I made plans to do a race when I come out to visit her sometime next year! I am very excited to race on the west coast!


this day is supposed to be about how you can motivate yourself positively and be a superstar. Today though I am honestly not feeling it!

Last night we had to go to a charity event for a Horse Rescue Foundation one of our customers owns!

This collage highlights our night, tickets for the event, my downfall of last night and reason I feel like sleeping for days a vodka and cranberry, the dinner plate of starchy carby goodness and of course me and Daniel!

After that we headed to my brother’s house for his housewarming where the drinking continued, it was a party. Let me say though there is a good reason, that I dont drink in the midst of hard training. It really de-motivates you to do much of anything!

Since I had to go to work today I had to use my go to hangover cure of the ages, BLUE POWERADE….but they were having a sale so they had none I settled for a blue gatorade and was glad I did when I saw this.

And the Giants did win today so it was a good sign! Overall I have to say everything happens for a reason, and todays motivation is DONT DRINK WHILE TRAINING ALEX! It is fun that night but not worth it the next day!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!


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    Kelly Levesque

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