Monday Madness

22 Oct

This post is not that exciting but I figured by naming it that people would be more interested in reading it ;).

Today was like any other Monday, get up be super tired drag myself through getting ready then head to work. At work I broke my computer so yea that was really great to start of my day. How did it break you ask, well I kicked it stretching my legs (the cpu part) and it is under my desk on a box so its not sitting on the carpet. Well somehow the powerstrip was behind that and it landed on the red button and shut everything off. When I turned it back on I got the black screen of windows death and try as I might no dice. GRRRRR

So I made the best of my workday and then got some lunch with Dan at the Big Y supermarket.

That corn chowder was AMAZING! But the salad left a lot to be desired it was a cobb salad and everything to the right was picked off because I dont or cant eat it. The rest of it looked great. But I was sad to discover that my body is for some reason still hating on blue cheese. I used to love the stuff but lately it is making my stomach turn. I guess changing taste buds and all.

I remedied it with my favorite fat free raspberry vinaigrette but even that couldn’t save it.

Even though the sell by date is a whole 2 days away it was all wilty and gross. I like good crunchy lettuce not mushy crap that melts on your tongue ICKY! When will I learn I can make a better salad at home most of the time!?!?!

Anywho when work was over I wanted to run outside, but I quickly realized by the time I got home and changed it would be dark :(.

So I called Mom who again had made us dinner. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS TREATMENT!

This is not one of my favorite things she makes but I knew Dan would love it. See I don’t really enjoy ham or onions and this has both.

I still ate it and it hit the spot and Dan loved it. I enjoy the scalloped potatoes part and that everything even the sauce was homemade it was still yummy and I only picked out half the onions. 😉

Close up of the bubbly goodness…

After dinner and an episode of White Collar on the Ipad, plus doing dishes I decided enough time had passed for a run.

Queue up the Vampire Diaries I missed Thursday and the treadmill and I pushed myself to a nice little performance.

3.668 miles in 40 minutes is AWESOME when you find out I was doing a run 4 minutes walk 1 minute interval training session! I was very proud of myself and thinking this 6.66 miler on sunday may not be as bad as I would have thought!

Bonus points if you somehow identified that I had now switched to Law and Order SVU for the end of the run!

Alright well time for bed I will be trying to get up early and run tomorrow before work, time to get back on track!



Do you watch tv on the treadmill elliptical? Any Netflix suggestions for me? 

What is your running pattern in the fall/winter? Early outside runs or stick to the treadmill?


One Response to “Monday Madness”

  1. Kimberly October 23, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Does Netflix have the tv show “Wonderfalls” on it? Most excellent show . . .

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