New Meal Monday

22 Oct

Monday’s posts are about a new meal, wether it is a recipe or a new find on pintrest it will be here. Tonight we will talk about running, but now we talk about FOOD!

Dan and I were lucky that my Mom is a sweetheart and made Harry and his friends a bunch of food for football watching at Harry’s house. (New readers Harry is my brother). She brought us a container of chili and some bread!

When I got home from visiting Lauren last night I microwaved some up, added some cheese and had a bit of bread! It was just as good as I remember the spiciness, the pineapple YUM!

The recipe is from a local grocery store in our area Big Y, and has become a family favorite of ours!

You can find the recipe here

Mom, substitutes the bbq sauce with sweet baby rays, the best bbq sauce there is! She also does not put beans in because she doesnt care for those! Other than that you are good to go!

Anytime I don’t have to cook on a day when I feel like doing nothing is a great day for me! Thanks again mom!!!


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