Good mornings start with…..

23 Oct

Good morning everyone! Today is already a great morning. I went to sleep early and woke up nice and rested. I was early gettinready for work and when I went back upstairs this happy face was just waking up and ready to greet me!

I know he looks a bit possessed but he was very cute I swear. It was a wee bit dark in the bedroom this morning!

Finny also wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog and making yesterday my best blogging day ever! I recieved the most likes yesterday on my blog so far and almost beat my highest visitor log ever! Thank you again for reading!!!!

That was also a very great thing to wake up to!

Finally my morning is great because I had enough time to bake some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I have been having a love affair with anything cinnamon lately!

Now off to work I go!

Thanks again for reading and have a marvelous day!


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