Wacky Fact Wednesday!

24 Oct

It’s time for me to reveal silly things about myself you may or may not be interested in….but today we are doing it count down style from 4-1 sorry I couldn’t come up with 1 more this week!


I love all the winter clothes they come out with! I want most everything in the catalog and can make a great christmas list with it, especially now that they have a workout clothing line.

3. My favorite condiment as of this year and maybe ever is on this wrap!

Peach Mango Salsa wrap! I was first exposed to peach mango salsa from COSTCO and eat it on everything from chips, tacos to putting it in crock pot chicken soup! So good! This version was made by the store I purchased the sandwich from and it was still just as amazing!

Plus having it with a mint hot chocolate is not at all a weird combo, I WAS COLD!

2. I have an extensive hello kitty obsession! 

I know this is obvious but today I looked at my calendar and realized it is also super AWESOME!

This is my office at work, but I also have the same one at home. It is cool so I need one everywhere 🙂

AND THE #1 Fact of this week is…..


Snack size mini maple sausage and biscuit sandwiches= low calorie same great taste and SO CUTE!

Dogs are better mini also! Finny is super cute and thinks if he pushes himself against Grandma’s couch I will forget he is there and he can live there forever!

And Finally the CUTEST mini thing I have ever encountered, modeled by my Dad…

The tiniest cheese grater of all time! I never knew grandma had it, or maybe it was my Aunt Kim’s but it was at tonights family dinner and everyone loved it!

Have you ever had mango peach salsa?

Are things really cuter smaller? If you say no we are in a fight because that means you dont think Finny is cute!

Comment below!!!


2 Responses to “Wacky Fact Wednesday!”

  1. Mi helle October 25, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    Big dogs are better…lol…but I am diggin that cool grader…

    • Michelle October 25, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

      Big dogs are better…lol…but I am diggin that cool grader…

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