Treat Yourself Thursday….

25 Oct

Today is one of my favorite days of the week! I really love Thursdays I always have, maybe because when we were younger Harry and I had dinner with our grandparents every Thursday night! Those dinners are still one of my favorite memories!

Anyway how did I treat myself you ask????

Well first we have to go back to yesterday. Yesterday was my first day back training with Jeff since my bronchitis! It was hard and I had another issue holding me back. My entire right leg in the quad to the IT band region has stiffened up and it sore! So we foam rolled before and after but I am still feeling it there and in my lower back which is now sore. Add to all of this the fact that Dan jumped into the bathroom and ripped back the shower curtain to scare me this morning, resulting in even more of a back tweak and we have an even more deserved treat yourself day!

Tonight I had to go to a Scentsy Brand event for Velata at the Oakdale theatre which is an hour away from my house. With loading my car and everything my back is hurting. AND I WAS HUNGRY!

I will recap that event tomorrow as I just got home, but they had food for sale there. A tiny shot glass of soup, a turkey wrap that looked horrible and this wonderful thing that was a nice treat for me…

French bread pizza, a cookie which I didnt have to buy, and some water. Dont worry I didnt eat my change. The pizza was a really yummy treat.

When I got home I treated myself again to a delicious snack…

These are the greatest popsicles known to man you will never convince me otherwise! The red is of  course the best but I had an orange tonight.

Finally Dan and I are both off tomorrow so we are watching some Netflix. One of our favorite shows is Rules of Engagement but we have never seen the earlier episodes. I loved that the pilot began with this quote.

Enjoy Dan’s refelction in the TV playing on my IPad.

Goodnight friends I will update twice tomorrow!


One Response to “Treat Yourself Thursday….”

  1. naughteebits November 4, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Omg! I LOVE the sour patch kids Popsicles, sooooo good!

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