Fun Event Friday!

26 Oct

Last night as you know I went to the Oakdale for an event called Fun Girls Night Out. My friend Ashley whom I sell scentsy with a

nd I  were there selling Velata. (scentsy’s brand of chocolate fondue pots and belgian chocolate). It is a newer company so events like this are less about selling and more about getting info about the product out there.

Anyway it was good to spend time with her as outside of selling we are good friends and our husbands have a man crush on each other! 🙂

I found this while stopped at the light and laughed all the way to the concert hall it was held at. Especially when I also saw there were parking spots lining the road past the sign as well!

When I got to the event it was set up with fun colors everywhere, pink giveaway bags for the ladies who came to shop and this cool ice sculpture on the bar!

We sold a few fondue pots and some chocolate and got some good leads for events and people buying christmas presents. We also got a pink bag from the event (only the ladies who attended the night were supposed to). THey had free razors, shaving cream, coupons and more. I always appreciate something for free 🙂

You can check out the fondue pots here.

They are neat easy to use and easier to clean up! They make great christmas presents and hostess gifts for parties!!!

Anyway I am off to run! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


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