The Devil Made Me Do It 6.66 Miler Race Recap Part 1

28 Oct

Disclaimer: I usually love every race I do but this one was quite different and I am not sure it was one I would do again. I usually enjoy every race I do even when I have a bad time or a bad race. Anyway here we go….

The course was great, the field of runners small as it was an inaugural race. I really enjoy smaller races. and was looking forward to this one for sure!

We checked in and noticed the food spread for after bagels and bananas! Plus there was a lot of water so I grabbed one for the race. We were off right on time.

Krystle and I before the start I was almost #666, that would have been cool!

Dan then proceeded to take 20 pictures of us in this pose. So then this happened….

So yea, like I said then the race began. It was going very well and Krystle and I were doing 4-1 or 3-1 intervals depending on how we felt. I mean after not running for over a month after our half we wanted to take it slow to get back into things!

It was all going great until we got to around mile 3. Krystle and I were on a walk interval and we walked up to a volunteer who snidely said, ” You need to start running sometime.” WE WERE SO ANGRY!!!!

We paid to run a race and were, just because it was smaller and most of the runners were speedy. (we were alone for most of it, but not in last place.) doesnt mean this guy had the right to pick on our pace. We started to feel discouraged but pushed through it all.

Not all of the volunteers were rude though, we did find this guy who was sweet and let us take his picture.

Finally we were on the beautiful trail that was mile 5-6 that was one of the best parts of the race!

By this point we were just enjoying ourselves because why not.

When we finally crossed the finish we were so happy! Our goal was under 1:30:00 and we did it in 1:25:51….which was a 12:53 pace, faster than our half marathon time but apparently too slow for this race.

By the time we finished everyone was gone from the finish line and they were doing awards. If you recall when I first posted about this race I was excited because you were given a t-shirt and devil horns with your registration.

Well by the time we crossed they were out of devil horns, even though all the volunteers had them. AND HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF THE ITEM YOU PROMISED TO GIVE AWAY!!!!

They had also run out of food. I really do not understand any of this. I do get that organizing a race is hard work, but they do them all the time as a running club, I have run some and loved them!

But they should have known around how many people were doing it in advance as it was NOT a big race, and overestimated. There were quite a few people who did not get anything but the shirt like us.  They basically told us we were S-O-L (look that up if your wondering what it means. I’d rather not type a swear in here), between that and the guy who told us we were too slow to be in this race we were a bit annoyed. The worst part is there were 5 girls who finished after us and they also got no food or horns. I realize this is small stuff and I did well in the race, but it is the principle of them saying you get something when you register and not delivering!

Part 2 tomorrow…..


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