Race Day Part 2….

31 Oct

There will be no New Meal Monday today or Training Tuesday or Wacky Fact Wednesday! Thanks hurrciane Sandy!!!

Anywho that just means I can update the rest of the race day now.

After the race we were hungry so we headed to Moe’s and how can you say no to that!!!

I got chicken club quesadillas and dan got nachos!

A blurry picture of my food is still a delicious one!

Why do I love Moe’s most….

Salsa bars are fabulous! Especially when you love sauces like I do, which led to this…

I know you are enjoying the shot of my leg, sock and glimpse of my Kinvara 3’s as well! Aside from that though we have, Queso, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Regular Salsa and Serano Chile Salsa. AN AMAZING FLAVOR COMBO! I love sauces and thus Dan call me the sauce boss. That nickname was being thrown out quite a lot Sunday!

After that we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods so I could FINALLY buy a foam roller….best call ever!

I was so excited to use it and was sore after the race :).

This was how I spent most of the rest of the day once home! Compression socks served me well during the race and continuing under the sweat pants I put on also!

Then Dans parents came over and brought us the cutest gift!

A striking resemblance to our little boy! SO GRATEFUL FOR WONDERFUL GIFTS! We are glad they were thinking of us, (or at least of the granddog).

Later after the Giants beat the Cowboys :). We had this for dinner….

Chicken fried rice and PF Changs Chicken Teriyaki Egg Rolls. YUMMY!!!

We ended the day watching Dexter in the basement which we finally got set up…

Ignore my nasty feet….just look how cute my little Family is!!!

It was a great end after a rocky start to the day!

PS- I am in the region that was effected by Hurricane Sandy. We lost power at 3:06pm Monday and got it back sometime after 5:00pm tonight. This is the reason I have not posted and Dan and I are extremely grateful that the worst thing to happen was to be without power for a few days! To all who lost their homes, loved ones, etc. My prayers go out to you and I hope you are all safe now.


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