A weeks worth of posts!!!

4 Nov

So I have not posted since Wednesday! Bad ALEX!!!!

However that is good news for you the readers because now you get an interesting post to read full of all the fun things I missed!!!

Luckily this (flipped over flower pots and pumpkins.) Plus a few big trees taken down in our back yard (far from the house) are all that we incurred from Sandy. Living near Massachusetts more than New York was a saving grace this time! Note I am in no way down playing this storm just saying we were lucky! Only being without power for three days was great compared to Hurricane Irene and Winter storm Alfred when our area of CT was without power for 10 days and 11 days respectively! Again not downplaying the storm just relaying my experience with it. My prayers go out to those effected including friends in the city. That is all I will say about the storm. Other bloggers have been getting a lot of hate for not respecting the storm and covering it. I however use my blog as a place of positivity and to get away from bad things in the world so that is that.

New Meal Monday:

Because we lost power I could not cook and we moved in with Mom and Dad and Zoe (their dog) our new meal was made by Mom. Instead of a recipe I have a picture…a yummy picture….

Pot Roast and Sausage Peppers and Onions a strange but delicious combo!


There was no training today because without power and no chance of a hot shower (we have a well) I cancelled going to Jeff’s and thanks to no daylight savings time yet it was dark when I got out of work so no run and no treadmill with no power….basically you didnt miss anything interesting!

Wacky Fact Wednesday!

Only 3 for last week:

1.) We got out of work at 12pm Monday because of the storm. So Dan and I starting watching a movie I had a good setup going until we lost power but oh well we just took a nap before going to may parents…

A glass of riesling and three caramels next to our wedding picture= perfection!

2. Mom and Dads dog is super cute but NOT a fan of Finny!

Here is her disappointment over Finny not sharing his dinner with her…

Excuse the bicycle tire. She likes to lay right there and it is next to my dad’s bike which is on an indoor trainer….she is a sad lady right here.

3.  Because we got our power back Wednesday we were able to hand cany out to trick or treaters…a big deal because last year at the same time we were hit with a few feet of snow and had no power so Halloween was cancelled in the State of CT many thought it would happen again!!!


Treat yourself Thursday was a bit different this week I treated myself to salads for lunch and dinner.

For lunch I went to Subway and learned a very important lesson….NEVER ask this girl to put dressing on my salad again…because

It was still good just really RANCHY!

For dinner it was Chicken Salad, Tuscan Salad with dressing in a packet on the side…

SO delicious! They were nice treats for salads…especially when you are craving a lot of VEGGIES!!!


Friday I had a Scentsy Event at a local school it went well and I took my new recruit with me so she could get contacts!!


Saturday was our house warming it was so much fun and I was so busy that I didnt take any pictures….so you know it was a good time!

Sunday- I was supposed to run a race, but a busy day combined with people at my house til 2:30 am= me not doing the race. Plus this afternoon I had a baby shower to attend, but more on that tomorrow!!!

Now you are all caught up on my life through the hectic storm to now. I will resume my regular posting schedule and keep you all entertained! Until tomorrow 🙂


2 Responses to “A weeks worth of posts!!!”

  1. Christine Noble November 5, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Holy salad dressing! I’m glad the party was fun!

    • Alex K November 5, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

      I know right! We missed you Tini girl!

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