Baby Shower Fun!

6 Nov

Training Tuesday will be workout Wednesday tomorrow, dont worry wacky fact will also be there too! I still have my cold so I could not work out I have been exhausted!

But today is about the baby shower I went to on Sunday.

The baby shower was for one of my closest high school friends and I was so glad to be invited and to see her!

This is her and the cake, her baby is going to be named Olivia. She looks great for being 8 months pregnant!

I wanted to get something useful for the baby shower gift and was glad to give her this…

A baby bath tub she registered for. It is really cute and has a bunch of attachments so you can keep using it as they grow! Also some towels, a robe, a hooded towel, and a scentsy buddy animal. Of course I had to do something Scentsy….it was a monkey, because she had also registered for a monkey blanket rattle thing that was also cute.

The diapers on the floor were because they were having a raffle for anyone who brought diapers. I got a size,1-2 and 3 for her so she had one of each size. I also ended up winning the raffle!!! Woo!!

I got a $50.00 Macys Gift Card, super great surprise as I was just happy to help out my friend!!

The food was also good, her Mom did such a great job with the planning.

The diaper cake in the middle was made by the Mother of the Babies father. It was so cute! Plus everything on it was useable! So cool!

Finally it was so good to see to of my best high school friends!!

Me, Jenn and Kira….an awkward angle as well. Jenn has a better picture I will have to get from her!

That was my Sunday. Later that night I started to feel awful and the cold from Hell set in!!!!


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