Something to think about…Workout Wednesday!

7 Nov

As we head into the holiday season and might be letting our diet and exercise programs get a bit lax, due to stress, time issues, what have you, here is something to ponder!

Thanks to my facebook friend Bonnie and for the graphic!

But it is something we all must realzie if we are trying to stay fit and eat all the delicious holiday foods! My plan is to log some serious treadmill time in the morning. I have Thanksgiving at my house every year and wake up around 4:30-5:00am to put the Turkey in. We get a big Turkey and eat around 1 or 2pm. Thus the turkey has to be done early, especially since we work retail and go into work at midnight for Black Friday!!!

I will be walking/maybe running on the tredmill when I get home as it is snowing here and I am still stuffy and could do with the exercise, but without the coughing fit!

My miles will be logged into my Wacky Fact Wednesday post, so check back later!!!!



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