Wacky Fact Wednesday….

7 Nov

Today I have 5 facts as usual to share for your viewing pleasure….the last of which is my workout for today which contains some exciting news you may be interested in if you are a runner! That will be continued into tomorrows post!

Here we go….

1.) Last night while watching elections results I wanted dessert, I was glad this was left over from our housewarming!

Homemade Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream! Thank you Cheryl for brining it!!! Plus what is more American than that? Well I guess apple pie, but this is what I had and really isn’t it semantics!

2.) For lunch Dan and I went to a local New York Style Deli. I was craving some soup but decided on this salad instead and this for dessert…

White cheddar and Chili garden salad. I was glad it was not any too crunchy veggies as my throat was still bothering me. But it was delicious and so was this!

Black and white cookies are so yummy, but the proper way to eat them is bite down the middle then share the outsides with others….Dan.

3.) When we returned to work we had 5 new tiny mascots that are so cute…

I don’t know if you can see the two tiny fish between the rock but if you do how cute are they?!?!

4.) Also at work today we did this…

You see new winter hats came in today and with it being our first snowfall and all I made everyone put on hats and stand in the snow as it fell! There is quite a bit more snow now, but everyone enjoyed a nice break to do something fun and the picture was of course taken by me…thats why it came out so AWESOME!! You will recognize my brother (back left), Dan (back right) and Krystle (the only female). I declined being in the picture due to my cold and looking like garbage because of it.

5.) Finally last but not least I got my workout in tonight.

I did…

The slow pace was due to the fact I am still beyond stuffed up and walked and ran a bit. The low mileage is due to these pretties…

The shoes just became available to the public to buy on November 5th, but I was sent a pair to try and review. I think I am in love with them!!! I will write a full review including how and why I got them to try but for now you will have to wait! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!


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