Falling in love with (Running) Shoes…

8 Nov

So as you saw in yesterdays post, when I arrived home I received an unexpected package…

No the scentsy items were not the surprise, they were already coming. But the shoe box was!

Let me back up and tell you why. A long time ago I signed up to be part of the Mizuno Mezamashii project in which they send you a pair of shoes to try before anyone else and then you spread the word about running and the community at large while testing new products or getting sneak peaks.

Here is an explanation of the program …

Mezamashii” is a Japanese word that translates to “brilliant” or “eye-opening,” and is deeply rooted in the Japanese heritage of Mizuno, which was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1906.

The Mezamashii Run Project lives on, and is meant to provide members a two-way dialogue with Mizuno, and opportunities to influence the future direction of both product and marketing.  By becoming a member, consumers will get designer Q & A sessions, sneak peeks of new Mizuno products, wear-test opportunities, and behind-the-scenes video content.  By joining the community, members enter for a chance to win a pair of Mizuno shoes, as well as an all-expenses paid trip to the 2012 Osaka Marathon in Japan, of which Mizuno is an official sponsor.

To join the community for yourself visit their website 

But that is not how I got the shoes. You see a couple weeks ago because I am part of the community I received an email from them asking to enter to win a spot at their VIP Brunch in NYC for the marathon. I was excited but thought I never win anything, but hey it is worth a shot!

Obviously I would not be running the marathon but it would be cool to go to the event, blog about it and meet some cool runners! Well I won! But I didn’t find out that I had won until after we were hit with Hurricane Sandy. The devastation, plus no power meant that I was not making the trip to NYC no matter what. But I did offer to still blog about the event because I really believe in the brand and them doing the Mezamashii Run Project. So they sent me links of videos they would be showing and said they were giving away Wave Rider 16’s their newest shoe, and she would send me some!!!

Well fast forward to the NYC Marathon being cancelled and them also canceling the brunch. However like the great Company they are they took all proceeds from the brunch and monies they were putting into it into a disaster relief fund! So I figured well I won’t get the shoes, but its okay because my neighbors in New York are getting help from a great company and HEY I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!!

In my email with the company I did say I would review the shoes but am under no obligation do to so and all the opinions henceforth are my own.


When I opened the box and saw these colors you already know what my reaction was if you have ever read this blog before…

Those bright colors are great and pink, green, grey and white are such a good color combo. I might have let out a little girly squeal I was so excited!!! (Good thing Dan was not home.)

The next thing I noticed was their weight, again if you have ever read the blog you know I sing the praises of minimal running shoes, as shoes that are mid-weight or higher make my legs incredibly tired after a while and my feet fall asleep.

I was a bit worried when I lifted them out, because while the uppers are light weight the soles seemed pretty heavy…but looked really neat!

(Yes I was doing a photo shoot of them while changing for the treadmill).

So then I went down to our basement and got set up

Tissues, Dr. Who on the Ipad, a glass of water and I was good to go. Yes I was almost done here but Dan came to scare me right before this by making no noise and creeping up on me so I figured I should take a picture.

I went 3.0 miles in them at a pace of 11:22. Slow because of the cold and low miles because of the shoes. I was really impressed with them. The soles are a little heavy yes but it is not something you notice in weight more in foot strike. They seem to guide my foot into a better striking position because of the way the sole tapers across the bottom of your foot. I also liked that the tread was extremely grippy to the treadmill and I would imagine the road as well. My old favorite shoes (Saucony Kinvara 2 or 3) do not hold up well in the tread department and need to be replaced frequently so I was glad to see a shoe with a durable tread.

Keep in mind this is my first pair of Mizunos since I ran cross country and track in 7th and 8th grade. So a lot has changed for me and the company. I really did enjoy the shoes though they seemed stiff when I first put them on but I had no soreness or blisters after a three mile run in them! That was great to see.

The Verdict: I love the color they are great for standing out during a race! I also love the tread and weight of the shoe. There really was not anything I disliked about the shoe and with an assortment of color options I will probably buy another pair. They are completely worth the $115.00 retail price, because they are durable for a light weight shoe, and resilient. The shoes are available now! If you are looking for a lightweight shoe that will last these are a great option!!!

This is me wearing them, yes my socks never match its my thing. I was also surprised they were not too small. I requested a size 9 but when I took them from the box they looked very tiny. They fit great and even left me with enough room in the toe box so I wasnt slamming any toe nails!

Visit their website above to check them out and I will try and post the videos they sent me as well, I haven’t enabled the video feature on the blog yet as I think no one has the desire to ever hear my voice on camera :).

Leave your thoughts in the comments below….

Have you ever had a pair of Mizunos what did you think?

What is your favorite running shoe brand?

Mine was Saucony but I think that may be changing. My running Buddy Krystle’s is Brooks. And my trainer Jeff’s is Mizuno guess I should have listened to him.


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